Ally Swim Fins Black/Pink Camo
Ally Swim Fins Black/Pink Camo
Ally Swim Fins Black/Pink Camo

Ally Swim Fins Black/Pink Camo

Ally Floating Swim Fins are the perfect combination of comfort and power providing the ultimate solution for your swim fin needs.

• Made of the finest quality natural rubber designed for bodyboarding and bodysurfing 
• Its soft foot pocket with stiff blade offers increased acceleration and super fast take offs making it easier to catch waves. 
• A bat tail like blade with two rods for maximum thrust and power. 
• Traction bottom with breather hold at the bottom of the foot pocket for proper drainage which allows sand and broken shells to circulate out. 
• Curved Ankle strap decreasing irritation and chance of ulcers on the ankle ball. Improves comfort. 
• Did we mention they FLOAT? 

Size Chart:
Small 5-6.5
Medium 7-8.5 
Medium/Large 9-10.5 
Large 11-12.5
Extra Large 13.5-14.5

Here are some quotes from top riders about Ally Swim Fins

"By far the most thrust and comfort, Ally's are the one!" - Andre Botha 2 X World Champion, 2 X Pipe Champion

"After using several different types of fins in the shorebreak, I have concluded that Ally is the ultimate swim fin for me." - Clark Little

"The Ally fins are siiiick Eddie! Super comfortable and a great amount of thrust w/ the stiff blade, totally loving them, hanging up my old fins and will be wearing these from now on, thanks!" - NYbodyboarding

“Rode the new Ally fins all day today. Love em. they feel more comfortable and have more thrust than churchills, thank you for the pair and im gunna start wearing them every session” - East Coast Bodyboarder USBA Amateur Champion Dillion Druz

"Best fins I have ever used, the perfect combination of comfort and power. I could not think of any way to make these better. Ally's are my fins for life" - Eddie Solomon

"After trying every fin on the market, I have finally found the magic fins." - Rusty Friesen
Ally Swim Fins Black/Pink Camo