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Pride Timeless Bodyboard

Pride Timeless Bodyboard

Size and Color

Pride Bodyboards Timeless  

Pure and traditional, put simply… timeless. Creating a team board is a lot like giving 10 blokes the keys to a Ferrari, and informing them to drive it like it's stolen. The concept of The Timeless model  is to apply knowledge from our global team and massage that into a board package which creates an experience for you, the rider. An all round performer, available now with 63% recycled core.

Having 63% of recycled content allow us to guarantee the same quality of the final product that raw PE planks, while making a real change and impact on the environment.

These boards will be sold at the same price that non-recycled PE boards to our consumers. In order to show or commitment, we decided to absorb the extra costs related to the production of these boards. Extra costs are actually generated when purchasing the planks, but also during the manufacturing process.

With an average number of 2000 PE boards produced per year over the last with their core weighing about 1.5kilograms, we’re going to save an average of 2 tons of raw polyethylene every year.


  • 1x Carbon Fibre Stringer
  • HDPE WAVESLICK - High-Density Polyethylene Slick bottom.
  • CRESCENT TAIL- Classic 45 degree angle on a 385 degree radius cut. Loose and responsive.
  • Nose Bulbs

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