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VS Stand Up Quad Concave PP 48" Boogie

VS Stand Up Quad Concave PP 48" Boogie

Size and Color


The VS mastered the stand up boogie with this one. At 48 inches it's enough to float you & catch waves easily. The extra Thick PP Core add's stiffness & buoyancy while the length means you'll be flying even on smaller waves. Lets' not forget 3 stringers & mesh so this stays stiff to cut though any chop & add durability & longevity. Add the Quad Concave for extra Speed & hold & you're ripping. If that's not enough The V Tail gives more bite & rail. 


KINETIC POLYPRO CORE: A state of the art engineered bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties, including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. 100% waterproof

3X EXT STRINGERS: EXT Stringers are high-strength, pultruded composite-fibre tubes for increased stiffness and board life. 

SURLYN SLICK by DuPont with Mesh

REACT MESH: Diamond shaped mesh weave fused between the boards core and slick bottom skin for enhanced stiffness and recoil. 

CRESCENT TAIL with Tail Piece

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Winny Line Contour, React Mesh, Venturi Channels, XFL Nose and Tail Armour, Bull Slick Grips, 55/45 Double Rails, CNC Shaped, Buzz Tech Lamination, Hand Finished
QUAD CONCAVE A revolution in bodyboard design, the fluid dynamic configuration of the Quad Concave delivers unrivaled response through the tube and electric board speed down the line. 

Manufactured in Indonesia at Broady Indonesia, home of the best shapers in the world and the leader of Bodyboard Quality and Technology.

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