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662 Deluxe Fin Pads /Tethers - Assorted Colors

662 Deluxe Fin Pads /Tethers - Assorted Colors


662 Deluxe Fin Pads/Tethers

The 662 Deluxe Fin Pads/Tethers will keep your fins from floating away in the ocean. The tethers attaches to the heel of your fins and provides extra padding in addition to keeping track of your fins.

- Integrated fin strap and heel pad
- Adjustable buckle
- Neoprene padding to go around the heel of your swim fin.
- Comes in a pair.
- Great if your fins are too big or if you get fin ulcers or cuts from your fins.
- Helps reduce discomfort around ankle and heel.
- Premium insurance for your fin investment.
- Fits around your fin strap
- Hook and loop closure

2 Sizes

- Small (XXS- S)

-Regular (M- XL)

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