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662 HD 42.5" Bodyboard

662 HD 42.5" Bodyboard


662 High Definition Eddie Solomon Classic Bodyboard

Looking for an affordable board and it isn't your first rodeo in the surf? The 662 HD is a great board for those who are novices but need a little extra strength to help keep the board from buckling on you! It is an awesome entry level board and comes in size 42.5" which will fit most adults and older children. It even comes with a FREE double swiveled leash to keep the board from washing away from you and the the coil prevents your arm from getting jerked when the board is in tension! An excellent feature is the WaveSlick HD slick which is a hard wearing, high-density slick bottom skin for improved board stiffness and speed. Then to top it all off, the 662 HD comes with 2x stringers for premium durability. (Stringers are composite rods that are placed through the board to help increase stiffness and prevent the board from buckling under pressure.) 


  • EPS Core
  • Full Contoured Deck - 
  • 2x Stringers - The FGS Stringer system consist of 2x fiberglass rods added within the core of the board. Stringers add strength, increase stiffness and help maintain an excellent rocker. Stringers lengthen the life of a bodyboard making it almost impossible to snap. This board should last many many years if properly cared for. 
  • Double Swiveled Leash - The Double swivels on our leash keep the coil from tangling up. This leash also features a polyurethane cord and a neoprene padded wrist strap. 
  • Deck and Slick Hand Bulbs- Foam bulbs are positioned at each corner of the nose and deck and slick side of the bodyboard. These enhance finger grip and better hand placement for control.
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