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Ally | 662 Edge Swim Fin Black

Ally | 662 Edge Swim Fin Black


662 and Ally have partnered together to bring you the Edge Swim Fin. Leaving you with the same comfortable foot pocket as the Ally Swim fins and the best placement a fin could have for the foot pocket drainage, but giving you that edge blade. 

These Special Edition Swim fins are an asymmetrical fin designed with the classic bodyboarder in mind combining both superior quality rubber compounds and a refined blade to create a high performance bodyboarding fin. The stiff inner blade acts as an extension of your big toe to provide you with maximum line control. The outer blade helps minimize drag by channeling water flow through the center of the fin. The newly enhanced "Edge" design is a shortened straight blade which allows for a faster propulsion in those critical moments and will help increase your wave count. 


  • Made of the finest quality natural rubber designed for bodyboarding and bodysurfing
  • Its soft foot pocket with stiff blade offers increased acceleration and super fast takeoffs making it easier to catch waves.
  • Traction bottom with breather hole at the bottom of the foot pocket for proper drainage which allows sand and broken shells to circulate out.
  • Curved Ankle strap decreasing irritation and chance of ulcers on the ankle ball. Improves comfort.
  • Did we mention they FLOAT in the ocean/salt water?


Small -  men's 5-6.5 | women's 6.5-8
Medium - men's 7-8.5 | women's 8.5-10
Medium/Large - men's 9-10.5 | women's 10.5-12
Large - men's 11-12.5
Extra Large-  men's 13.5-14.5 

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